“A church that goes on singing happy songs in the face of raw reality is doing something very different from what the Bible itself does.” – Walter Bruegemann

Right now, in the midst of this global pandemic, the weight of isolation is increasing. The case count is climbing. The death toll is rising.

The need to lament is now.

As Mark Vroegop says, “Lament is one of the most theologically informed actions a person can take.” It’s the language God has given us to respond to suffering in our lives and world. Lamenting is the act of faith that honestly describes pain, asks God questions, pleads with him to act, and places trust in him. In the Bible, this is a primary way those of faith worship in the storm.

So in the midst of amplified uncertainty, may we turn up the volume on the very song the Lord gave us for times like these. May we sing like God’s people in the Scriptures. May we not fight the battle for hope with an incomplete arsenal that only equips us with positive proclamation. May we be real about our pain, honest with our questions, and fervent in our petitions. May our lyrics be like those of David, Job, and Christ himself. May we sing songs that give voice to sorrow and pave the way for authentic praise. May we lament.

Lament is not contrary to hope in suffering. It’s the path to it.

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“For by sadness of face,
the heart is made glad.”
Ecclesiastes 7:3